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PEI & Nova Scotia Ferry

The Ferry Boat

Here’s the Rooster once again, back to you with some PEI action and from Nova Scotia. We have felt like we were in Ireland once again. Halifax is one neat active city. Very eclectic, very European through our eyes. There were two cruise ships in port while we there, one ship was the Anthem of the Seas. The ship had poured close to 5,000 people into this hustle and bustle city. The other ship in port was the Veendam, it would only spit out 1,300 passengers into the city.


The Anthem of the Seas sits dockside in Halifax Harbor. It is the largest passenger ship ever to dock in Halifax.


The Theodore Too brings happiness to those much younger than us.

Somehow we were fortunate to get a seat at Five Fishermen on day one and Durty Nellies on day two. At each venue the little woman ordered Fish Chowder. Now 3 Bowls full after skippers in Moncton, she rates Nellie’s #1, Five Fishermen #2, and Skippers #3. Just to let you know, Skippers was voted #1 Chowder in Moncton by their Foodie Votes. Some great bowls of warm you up in these neck’s of the NE woods. At Nellie’s we went all in for Irish. I had the Lamb Shank with great Root-Veggies, washed it down with a Harp Lager by the way. The Mrs had Sheppard’s Pie after the customary bowl of  chowder, and we washed it all down with Coffee & Jamison after while listening to some fine Irish fiddles. A grand evening it was.

We took the ferry from Wood Islands, PEI over the waters to Nova Scotia. For you folks in the Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey area, 75 minute crossing on a Quad deck vessel, quite similar set-up to the Cape May Lewes Ferry. They also have COW ice-cream on board.


Four decks of parking space on this big girl.


It was a gorgeous day to make the crossing. While we awaited our ship to come in, an Irish trio entertained us. We were back to our days in Dublin and Kilkenny where we spent time this past December. Our ride into Halifax was uneventful as the city was emptying out from their work-day and we had clear sailing on the way in.

We would walk most of Thursday morning along the entire River Walk, seeing all there was to see. I’m guessing I got more steps in on this day since I was in my thirties. We went on a Whale Watch trip, no Whales, just a Seal, Dolphin and lots of Seagulls. Our guide, a College senior, dual major in Marine Biology and Statistics provided a wealth of information. One tidbit, largest Lobster taken from the waters off PEI, 44 pounds. It’s been said a Lobster grows 1 pound for every four years of age. That equates to approximately 176 years old. That old boy was with us back in the 1840’s as a youngster. What was happening back then, the Great Famine in Ireland for one. You want the rest, well here you are.

Prior to leaving Charlottetown, PEI we got some steps in downtown. They have a walking story book tour and here are two photos from it.

A few more pics of Charlottetown. Northern Watters Knitwear makes their own. Fishes on the Roof rang close to home, (some will get it.) Husband Day Care is a great idea and a moment of thanks in the Lords House for this wonderful opportunity was expressed.


The worker Bees spinning their yarn @ Northern Watters.


St Peters Cathedral (Charlottetown)

Enough banter for this night. The bride’s asleep, my eyes are having a want to close, I’ll catch up later. Thanks again for following us on our journey and you folks on the Eastern Shore, as Jim Cantore says, “batten – down.”

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Attachment to a Friend

Today I share with you the writings of a fellow blogger who I’ve come to admire and appreciate. His name is Sir David Prosser, and his web site is

In his about me column he writes:  

A retired ex Local Government Officer with a horse mad wife, a sadistic cat who acts as my alarm clock at the time he wants me to get up, and a daughter who must be wonderful because she thinks her dad is. I live in a small village in North Wales and became an author almost by accident when a friend liked a day’s diary I sent her in answer to a ‘How was your day”? query. Needless to say the day was a fiction from start to finish.

I was lucky enough to meet another author who became both friend and editor for me, I can’t say THANK YOU often enough. Ilil Arbel is an exceptional person and I hope to have the pleasure of making her the first author I interview on this site.

I have come to enjoy writing and using characters I meet as part of the stories. Not only does Lady J nag less when she’s reading my books but I have the thrill of hearing someone laugh out loud and knowing I caused it.

His post from Someone watching over me was written on August 27, 2016

Some of you may remember a post from either last year or the year before when I told of a butterfly that visited with Yvonne and I in the middle of a shopping arcade. It was a very surreal experience not just in the fact that the arcade was nowhere near any gardens from which it was likely to have come but also that it chose to sit with us despite it being a busy place. Yvonne insisted it was her mother coming to give comfort at a very low time.


A Wiki commons image.

Today after shopping Mike was anxious to do something different and not waste the weather by coming home. I suggested a trip to the town of Denbigh where we could take a slow walk round the shops and have some lunch. We parked in Vale Street which is where the main shops are and walked towards a restaurant called The Forum that Ju and I used to visit with MuJo. Gone, Kaput, Closed. What a disappointment.

We turned to cross the road as there were other restaurants and cafes there. Mike took two steps to reach road level again and as he did a butterfly came past his leg and settled on the bottom of my left crutch. I was amazed since the crutch was in motion and it doesn’t seem the ideal place to park oneself. I expected the butterfly to launch itself off as we entered the sunshine from the covered arcade we’d been in but it seems the butterfly had other ideas.

Despite me trying to be careful the stick must have jarred each time it hit the ground. After ten minutes it was still hanging on as we entered a cafe which had a notice about pets not being allowed. Mike threatened to report me. It stayed with me all through lunch and during our visit to an antique emporium afterwards. I suggested showing Mike a little wholesale place which frankly Ju hadn’t liked and at that the butterfly took off. It had been with me almost exactly an hour.

I texted Yvonne to tell her and she came back to say it must be her Mum coming to  try and lift my spirits. I have to say that the strangeness but joy of the visit did lift my spirit.

Hugs to you all, (he  signs off).

My response to this written piece was as follows.

The Butterfly surely comes and visits us as we sit on our porch during the afternoon watching life pass us by on our country road. We are blessed with shade most of the day and two overhead fans to combat the heat. Our Hydrangea lure the butterfly and quite often they visit for a time. Who are you I sometimes ask and fully expect them to sit upon my glass of Chilled Wine and take a sip with us.

The Dragonfly has ridden with me on many occasion as I mow my .4 hectare yard, they will often perch upon the hand when held out. I equate the Dragonfly to a visit from my grandson Andrew who died at age seven. I greet them each time with his name and a smile and enlightenment. I once had a boat named “Dragonfly Angel.” Andrew was enamored with the Dragonfly.


A Wiki commons image.

Being the Inquisitor that I am, I now know of Denbigh up to the north and it’s history back to the 1200’s. Always learning and keeping the wheels turning. From Halifax, NS, (this day) Cheers Sir.

A side note.

As a side addition to that porch time I must tell you, we are able to solve many of the on-going issues in the world. No military has to be dispatched and very little financial burden is put upon the tax paying public. Just a few dollars for a bottle of KJ and the world is our Oyster. Well, not last night, it was a pound of Mussels and Halibut over Salsa at the Five Fishermen.


Arising in Halifax where we will spend the next two days. Good morning all and thank you for stopping by.