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“Don’t Trust Them,” an Explanation

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In my most recent blog post photo description I said: “Our granddaughter Abby headed back to Mississippi State University for her senior year. Our local Village Bulletin Board had a fair-well posting for her. “Don’t trust them Abby.”


“ Don’t Trust them Abby” was not referring to the wonderful good-by on the message board or the folks in Allen. The sentence “Don’t trust them Abby.” is a grandfather to granddaughter reminder for personal safety as one goes off alone. Obviously this writer could have presented that brief saying differently as it has raised a few questions.

So, let me explain.

Four years ago our granddaughter Abby was going off to Mississippi State for her freshman year in college. We had a long conversation about personal safety prior to her departure, grandson Tommy was also in attendance. The term “Don’t Trust Them” was in reference to someone offering them something that sounded too good to be true. Since that time, quite frequently in fact, we use that phrase when departing each other’s company. It’s a subliminal message and they both know it well, and it’s just a reinforcement of awareness of your surroundings. Be Safe, if the hair’s rise on the back of your neck, something is not right.

The people of our little village are a close-knit lot. When we first moved here 29 years ago we were welcomed here with open arms. We will always be come here people who have lived here longer than anywhere in our 70 some odd years. We’ve acquired some sand between our toes while here and it serves as a constant reminder, that it is here where we belong.

Not only does the Village miss you when you leave, they even welcome you when you move back after many years living two states to the north.


Thank you Allen. in one of their blog posts had “10 Ways To Improve Your Situational Awareness.” If your interested in survival, prepping and homesteading there is lots to learn from their website. And if you’re in need of a subliminal message “Don’t trust them” is one way to go.

Have a great weekend, if you live in the Mid-Atlantic, get your umbrellas out.