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A Date in Mystic


On our way to Connecticut this past Monday our first stop was the Elmwood Cemetery.

PBS once did a History Detective special on Cemeteries. Our personal history dates back 51 years and we are forever exploring final resting places when traveling. I know, it’s a dying interest, but we try to keep it alive. Join us on this grand day in August as we travel east for the day while celebrating our 51’st honeymoon.


Married in 1965, and the #1 song of the year was, “My Girl” by The Temptations.  Here she is standing in front of the famous “Mystic Pizza.”


I went out for breakfast with my brother in-law John yesterday morning after dropping my girl off at the Rails to Trails for her 10K plus step morning. She’s a walking fool, ask anyone in Allen. Over an old-time favorite of Corned Beef Hash, two eggs sunny side up, home fries and toast we roasted the world of government and politics. My goodness, do we have all the answers. A combined 141 years of experience, way more than either candidate this year.

Image result for corned beef hash

Oh, if the nutritionist/Dietician at Cardiac Rehab could see me now. Hey, I’m on a honeymoon remember.

Image result for coffee and politics

By the second cup neither of us could name a worthy candidate. We did conclude that one’s a Liar and one’s a Bozo.

After Breakfast

I said good bye to John and headed out to find my girl an hour and a half later. Thanks to the Technocrats for

I knew right where she was, picked her up and headed back to our accommodations to plan our us-day. After a quick thought of a place or two we decided on Mystic,Connecticut, located 53 miles to the east on Long Island Sound.

Our first stop was AAA, we exchanged some US money, for Canadian and then continued east to the Sound. We have a new Garmin GPS to get us around but the old familiarity of living and patrolling the roads of Connecticut quickly returned to this aging soul. What was that old movie, “Somewhere in Time.”

Unlike the science fiction movie, this was the real thing and we were feeling romantic and nostalgic. Since this was the Honeymoon we never had 51 years ago, romance was in the air. On our first date, coffee and a donut in a diner in Pennshauken, NJ with another couple, we had our first kiss behind a tomb stone in a cemetery. It was a beautiful venue, small ponds with ducks swimming about,  grassy meadows and those around us remaining ever so quiet, go figure.

First Kiss 1

Thanks Google for giving us  a visual  back to the place of that first kiss.No cell phones or IT back in those days. I’d line up quarters, dimes and nickles at the pay phone to call her from Camp Lejeune, NC. Those were the days


Just moments prior to the recreation of that first kiss, only this time in Mystic, CT. Nope, no pictures, it was a private moment in the Elm Grove Cemetery.



The drawbridge.


We would have lunch up in the trees at the Oyster, Club.


Foxwood’s Casino and Resort loomed large in the distance as we ventured back to Tolland.

Image result for cemetery sunset

As the sun set on this grand re-creation of a first kiss and a trip to Mystic, , thank you Lord for 51 years with a grand lady, three children, nine grandchildren and 3 1/2 great-grandchildren. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Off We Go

Day Two

It is day two of what we are calling 51st honeymoon. It will be a two week travel adventure through DE, NJ, NY, CT to start.  I write this on day two of our trip, we are at our son’s home in CT,  we shall be here through Saturday when we attend a reunion at my old State Police troop in Stafford Springs.  A bunch of old retired farts telling past war stories, another lol.  This Sunday  we head to Bangor, ME, Monday Moncton, BC then on to Charlottetown, PEI, Halifax, NS, Saint John, BC, Bucksport, ME, Portland, ME, CT, and finally home on the 7th of September.

Who was that just asking what 51st honeymoon meant? Did you ever see 50 First Dates?

Take a gander at the trailer, a really cute movie.

Now we have not experienced brain trauma, we are up in our years, were married 51 years ago, and a lot has flown right out and over heads. So, we are just following the script that I somehow programmed into my Garmin Express. I’m going to make a concerted effort to post early and often, kind of like voting, and to keep you all up to date on who, what, when, and where the Rooster and his bride are.

Awoke to 47f/54%rh this AM, already a great first day wake-up.

Today our son and daughter in-law head to Boston with their oldest child, David. David is a college senior and heads out late today from Logan, IAP to Dublin, Ireland and begin his senior year with a semester abroad. He’s already completed one semester out of the country having spent it in Montreal, Canada.


Learning to speak Irish with an Apple


After a quick tidy up of the house we were out the door at 0615 and on the road in our Subaru Forrester for a 360 mile trip to Tolland, CT. We will R & R there until Sunday when we head to Canada.


We had a Golden Arch breakfast in Bridgeville, DE, Got cheap gas at a stop on the NJ, Tpk ., Gave the attendant a $2.00 tip, you can’t pump your own in Jersey, and ventured across the Hudson river via the Lincoln Tunnel. I usually take the George Washington bridge but travel warnings were predicting a 45 minute back-up. 1010 WINS to the rescue.

When you exit the Lincoln you are in immediate chaos of people, traffic and horns blowing. You’re adjacent to the maze that is Port Authority Bus Terminal and the Theater district. After a left on 43rd st we headed to the river and then north on the West Side Hwy. and on to CT. We would pass the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid Museum on the way. Many years earlier the Mrs. and I were lost below decks when on this ship for an open house while it was being decommissioned at the Philadelphia Navy Year.Old memories rekindled.



IMG_0751  IMG_0758 IMG_0765

For Lunch we would pull off the Merritt Pkwy. in CT and make a stop at a Panera Bread in Fairfield for lunch. This is one of favorite stops when traveling for a great mid-day meal.  After lunch we would get some steps in and walk a bit and make a stop at a Pier One Imports store. No buys here. If you remember the lady of the house is disposing, not accumulating.


Not Bruce Springsteen, but the Boss none the less.

Our next stop was in Newington, CT at Stew Leonard’s grocery store. If your ever on the Berlin turnpike, take a few minutes and take the adventure that is Stew Leonard’s.


Nine hours later and four stops we got off the highway at our old, 20 years, home town of Vernon, CT, and traveled familiar roads for a few miles to our sons home in Tolland. A great day, little traffic and a welcoming home. You can’t ask for anything more on your first day of travels. Thank you Lord.

IMG_2664 IMG_2663

Once again thanks for dropping by the chicken pen. Remember to vote early and vote often. Feeling a little like Charles Karault today.

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